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RachieandMe by KNDLOVER RachieandMe :iconkndlover:KNDLOVER 1 15
My Story: Cookies
"Hey Christine!"
"Oh.. Hi.." I snapped out of the trance and looked up at my smiling friend. Look how happy she looks..
She laughed and sat down next to me. "What's up?"
I remained silent. There was nothing to say.
She studied my face and patted my shoulder gently. "Hey.. Cheer up missy!" She pulled something out of a small jar. "You want a cookie?"
I stiffened. Looked over.
The treat was in her hand. Welcoming me..
But.. as i continued to look at it..
My eyes started tearing up and my throat started clogging.
I couldn't bear it. Looked away.
"Maybe next time? See you later!" She gobbled up the cookie and skipped away. Guilt and shame. It clouds my mind.
Waiting. Forever waiting.
Waiting? Why should i be waiting?
I stared at the clock. Waiting.
My fingers tapping on the table.
But.. what AM i waiting for?
I looked towards the clock again.
Still waiting.
My hair fell over my eyes.
I'm.. waiting.. for.. SOMEONE..
I rubbed my eyes. Waiting.
The c
:iconkndlover:KNDLOVER 5 20
Request: Angel by KNDLOVER Request: Angel :iconkndlover:KNDLOVER 14 30 Hold My Hand by KNDLOVER Hold My Hand :iconkndlover:KNDLOVER 13 20 Rose of Love by KNDLOVER Rose of Love :iconkndlover:KNDLOVER 13 40 Fluffy? by KNDLOVER Fluffy? :iconkndlover:KNDLOVER 8 56 Kiki the Monkey by KNDLOVER Kiki the Monkey :iconkndlover:KNDLOVER 11 47
MapleStory Book 1: Ch1: Part 1
MapleStory Book 1: Chapter 1: Part 1
Resident of Maple Island, Dodo
"My name is Dodo! Maple Island is the perfect place to live!" A small kid wearing a cap with pink hair said as he lifted up his sword into attack mode.
"I must rescue the princess from the horrible monster!" He yelled as he jumped from a hill to attack a red snail.
"Now, the furious brave warrior lands a fatal blow on the evil creature!" He hollered ... as he missed and hit the hard shell of the monster.
"Ow!!!" Dodo screamed feeling the pain of the collision of his toy metal sword against sturdy shell. The red snail snorted, rolled his eyes, and started to move away.
"Hey!" Dodo said getting up angrily. "You just can't go away! We're in a battle here you idiot!"
"Did the little squirt just offend me?" The red snail said whirling around in fury.
There, they both stood, glaring at one another, then both of them lunging at full speed towards each other ... ready to fight till the death.
Two adults came out
:iconkndlover:KNDLOVER 5 57
Negatives... by KNDLOVER Negatives... :iconkndlover:KNDLOVER 5 52
Mo's Life: Chapter 3
Mo's Life
Chapter 3

"Help me!"
Angela was in her room, reading the newspaper when she suddenly heard the cry. It was late in the afternoon and her husband just got home a minute ago.
"What is it?" She said barging out of her room and into the kitchen.
Her husband, Jay, was on top of the kitchen counter, looking down fearfully at Mo.
"What is that thing?!"
"That 'thing' has a name you know." Angela said picking the little fox up into her arms. "His name's Mo."
"Angela! Put that thing down right now!" Jay said pointing a finger at Mo. "It could have all sorts of diseases! Or it could attack you!"
Angela laughed. "Did he attack you?"
"Well, yes... no... I was washing my hands when he came out of nowhere and started sniffing me!"
Mo squirmed in her grasp. "Mo..."
I smell somethin' grandma... The man has it...
Angela laughed and set Mo down on the ground. "Jay, give me your jacket."
"Why? So that thing could shred it?"
"No, the cookies."
Jay took out the cookies, got off t
:iconkndlover:KNDLOVER 4 16
Happy B-Day Elizabeth by KNDLOVER Happy B-Day Elizabeth :iconkndlover:KNDLOVER 6 31 New Year 09 by KNDLOVER New Year 09 :iconkndlover:KNDLOVER 8 28
Mo's Life: Chapter 2
Mo's Life
Chapter 2

"I know it's not much, but it's home."
Mo looked around the strange place with strange scents. This is what the woman called 'home'. He started to sniff around.
"Of course, introductions are at hand. You can call me grandma or by my real name, Angela." Angela said smiling. "Now, what should we call you?" She said, picking Mo up.
Mo tilted his head and replied. "Mo?"
"Oh, I know, we can call my granddaughter! I know you'll like her." She said picking up the phone. "Hm... if its morning here then... it'll be night over there. But I bet she'll be getting ready to go to sleep right now."
Angela dialed the number and waited.
"What are you doing?" Angela asked. Shortly after a moment of silence, the reply came.
"I was brushing my teeth; sorry grandma."
"How are you doing my dear?"
"You'll never guess what happened sweetie!"
"What happened?"
"Wait a moment, I'll put him on the phone..."
"Mo?" Mo said curiously,
:iconkndlover:KNDLOVER 2 8
Mo's Life: Chapter 1
Mo's Life
Chapter 1

“Mo!” The little arctic fox kit cried out, scrambling to get on top of the roof of their home. The forest fire was burning all around his home, their home.
"Mom! Come back! Bring Ma!"
“Wait! I’ll help you! Hold on!”
“Mo!” He squealed. "Where's Ma? Where's momma? Who are you?" He thought, paws slipping.
Suddenly, a human hand reached out and pushed Mo onto the top of the rock.
Mo stumbled, dazed, and ran straight into a rock.
"Mo..." He groaned.
"Ugh, help! Fox! Help me!"
Mo looked up and saw a female human, probably a grandma, trying to climb up onto the rock which was pretty high. Mo ran forward and took hold of the human's sleeve with his teeth.
Soon, they were both safely on top of the rock, Mo in the woman's lap, licking at her wounds.
"Hey, thanks for the help; I'll be fine. I have a huge jacket on after all." The woman said, smiling. She stared into Mo's eyes, Mo's fear glazed eyes.
"Hey... What's wrong?
:iconkndlover:KNDLOVER 5 27
My Star by KNDLOVER My Star :iconkndlover:KNDLOVER 16 38 Light Green Dress by KNDLOVER Light Green Dress :iconkndlover:KNDLOVER 7 43
My horrible artwork :XD:

Feel free to eat it all :evillaugh: Though it'd taste horrible :o


Lulu by Ambunny Lulu :iconambunny:Ambunny 193 36 Buhfuhfuhs. -contest entry- by NocturneRising Buhfuhfuhs. -contest entry- :iconnocturnerising:NocturneRising 10 20 We do care about you by Numbuh751 We do care about you :iconnumbuh751:Numbuh751 3 11 Koa and 712 A by AstralEclipse Koa and 712 A :iconastraleclipse:AstralEclipse 60 30 Terra by Miru Terra :iconmiru:Miru 1,172 316 Zero-G Beast Boy and Terra by jodi-seer Zero-G Beast Boy and Terra :iconjodi-seer:jodi-seer 2,773 379 Standing in the rain... by OrionStorm Standing in the rain... :iconorionstorm:OrionStorm 591 94 Chibi kitty sisters by Shivita Chibi kitty sisters :iconshivita:Shivita 1,165 109 S.E.C.T.O.R  A.B.C by Chocotorta S.E.C.T.O.R A.B.C :iconchocotorta:Chocotorta 9 18 Ice Cream Lubs by Dream-Of-Serenity Ice Cream Lubs :icondream-of-serenity:Dream-Of-Serenity 21 73 missed you sis by hyperbunnyzz missed you sis :iconhyperbunnyzz:hyperbunnyzz 2 2 GKND: Human Niji by flirtykuki101 GKND: Human Niji :iconflirtykuki101:flirtykuki101 3 8 Clover by Numbuh-9 Clover :iconnumbuh-9:Numbuh-9 10 20 Kyaa by Chocotorta Kyaa :iconchocotorta:Chocotorta 2 5 Mazzle the cat by AngelKiss1 Mazzle the cat :iconangelkiss1:AngelKiss1 4 9
These deviations are just a huge examples of the artist's efforts and talents :D

You Rock guys! :glomp: =3




United States
Hiya! :wave: My name is Christine and I'm 13 years old :D
You can call me Christie, KL, whatever :XD:

:giggle: I love animals, my friends, family, and all the wonderful people in the world! :glomp:

Love and friendship are the most powerful things in the whole entire universe! :love:

Thanks for the visit! :hug: <33

Current Residence: In your cookie jar =3
Favourite style of art: Yours and chibi FTW! =3
Wallpaper of choice: A cute one! =3
Favourite cartoon character: Numbuh 4
Personal Quote: "Read, read, and read some more!"
  • Listening to: Home
  • Reading: Poems
  • Watching: KND
  • Playing: Mafia
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
Hi guys, I'm back.. Eheheh.. Kind of an awkward coincidence eh?
I feel ashamed for coming back after so long of me.. not being here.

Here's my apology.. on my new account:
[I know, a picture of me. Wow, that's totally going to help.. *rolls eyes sarcastically*]
There are two people.. that this journal is focused to.. Numbuh9 and canadianshawna87.. I do hope they get this....

I know there were some things going around about me lying about a lot of things. No, none of them are true. I actually HATE lying. If you actually gave me the chance to explain them to you, I'm sure you'll see some answers. But.. there is one thing I did lie about. It started off as something true, but turned into a lie.

Mo is actually NOT a fox.
Shocking huh? Remember how my grandparents had him in Korea while I was here, in the United States? They first told me that he was a fox, to surprise me. I got all excited and put it up here that I had a pet fox. Then when I found out that he was actually a FERRET, I was still excited.. but I realized that I had to tell everyone here that Mo was actually a ferret and not a fox. I got lazy I guess. Besides, a fox was way cooler right? So I just kept with it.. but then it got out of hand. I'm sorry. I left because I was so ashamed.

If anybody is actually HAPPY that I'm back, thank you. Really. I know that it'll be hard to actually watch.. or even still be friends with me after this.. If I have one person to thank its :iconplyjulia20: because she's been with me through all this and finally managed me to come back. It really took me lots of guts to come back.. I was too scared too, scared that I wouldn't get accepted, scared that nobody would like me anymore. "Its all in the past" my butt. If people have grudges on me, I totally understand.. But really.. now that I had a few weeks to think about it, I realize that I probably deserve it for being the horrible person I am.

So thank you, I hope you have a wonderful week :glomp: And no matter what, I still love all my watchers.. and friends :heart:


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